Systems and information management

Advice and consulting services

Choice of a right system solution or a set of system solutions is a tough task for any company given the sheer number of decisions to be made and the associated future impact.

We followup with corresponding work processes and procedure updates.

Implement and Migrate

Implementation of any complex software system requires deep understanding of client requirements and software capabilities. Configuration and customization decisions can have far fetching consequences.

The success of any digitalization initiative is tied to the migration of relevant data from legacy systems into the newly implemented system/s – A fail safe extract, transform and load philosophy need to implemented.

We ensure that no critical data will be lost in this process and our migration services will result only in a limited down-time for our clients.

We help our clients to achieve fit for use software systems through our implementation and migration services.


Many digitalization initiatives involves implementing more than one software system. Also there are legacy software systems to be connected. For any data management strategy to work a seamless integration of these software systems is a foregone conclusion.

We do interface management and integration across different software systems through our integration services.

Data QA/QC

The success of any digitalization initiative is directly corresponding to the quality of the data.

Our automated quality check utilities will assist you in having control over the quality in real time. Capturing errors early will not affect project costs.


The most important phase of digitalization happens when the integrated software systems are used to the full extent bringing the maximum return on investment.

We know how to efficiently use these software systems. On top of that we offer user training, quality control, 3D model management, data management,, as-built document and data updates as part of our operation services.