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The one stop shop for data warehouse and intelligent design tools support

Full brownfield and project support

With over a decade of experience implementing intelligent solutions, we understand the industry best practices and solutions. Our engineers have a background from contractors and owner / operators so we can offer a pragmatic approach to intelligent systems.
We understand your operations needs and we understand the functionality and the possibilities within of your enterprise software.

We are the industry leader in providing information management solutions and services to owner/operators.

We will through innovation and expertise provide information solutions and deliver services that exceed the expectations of our customers and business partners.


We validate deliveries and create punch lists on information delivered from the projects.

We suggest corrective measures during project execution or perform the carryover work after handover to operations.

Focused on cost

We don’t integrate or configure a system just because we think it’s fun.

We always ensure a quick return on investment for our clients by keeping the solutions simple and with a low level of customization.


Information Integrity is a Prerequisite for Process Safety.

Information integrity assumes that deliverables is validated according to set requirements, including completeness, consistency, syntax, and format and data validity.

Global Sourcing

Our AutoCAD and MicroStation partners Norway and business contacts in Asia ensure the highest quality deliveries to the lowest cost.